Living Light


Satya leads her classes with grace, a big open heart and lots of humour.  She teaches Kundalini Yoga in a extremely accessible way for people who are new to it, while still clearly communicating the incredible teachings and wisdom of Yogi Bhajan.  I always feel strongly held in her classes by her deep knowledge and love of Kundalini Yoga which surely comes from the her decades long dedication as a yogi and a teacher.  After her classes I feel powerful and peaceful.  I leave knowing I am well resourced with great tools and strong enough to handle anything life may throw at me with ease and a smile.

Robin Bancroft-Wilson


I LOVE Satya's classes, they are powerful and truly Magical!!!  Her radiant energy pushes me beyond my fears to commit to my own spiritual transformation, elevating my soul and teaching me to show up with calibre in my practice!

Carolyn Woods


As a choreographer, it took me many years to encounter someone that could guide me between my physicality and my mind.  I found this bridge in the classes of Satya Kaur, she simply, with power and grace, made my soul dance and regenerate.

Serge Bennathan

Phone: 604 868 5507